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BOROA brand is one of Top 10 Brand Honor & Award in 2017!

Enterprise values:

The customer is our forever partner;

Meet customer's requirements with excellent quality and excellent service.

Continue to provide products and services beyond the expectations of the user;

To guide a positive and healthy modern lifestyle.



Achievement customer:

1. Take customer as the center, want the customer to think, the urgent customer is urgent, diligently solves the customer's problem, strives to create the greater value for the customer, achieves the customer satisfaction and loyalty;

2. The craftsman spirit of "excellence and quality" has actively explored and applied advanced theories and methods from product R & D, production, sales and after sales, and continued to improve the quality of our products and services to the quality level in the industry.

3 Listen carefully to the customer's voice, dig, explore and understand the customer's needs, provide sincere, meticulous, intimate, pleasant services and solutions to move customers;

4 Continue to learn and constantly research new technologies and new ways, create products and services that will lead the market and exceed customers' expectations.

Struggle is fundamental:

1 Think about how to create more value and make greater contribution to the development of the company at all times.

2 Full of passion for work, set clear goals and achieve goals in a planned and strategically way.

3 Fully thinking and research, on the ground, making practical plans and plans for action, predicting the risk in the work, making risk prevention measures and emergency treatment measures, winning the victory in a stable way;

4 Encourage team and staff to control and reduce operation and product cost through management innovation and technological innovation, and gain market competitive advantage.

5 Don't be afraid of setbacks or failures, but never give up. Create and achieve self achievement through persistent efforts and efforts.

Create and win together:

1 To create more value for the customers, make greater contribution to the company, constantly think, explore, try, apply new technology, new methods, and quickly apply these new technologies and methods to products, services and management.

2 Be brave enough to undertake important tasks and tasks, face failure and be responsible, learn lessons and continue to move forward.

3 Honest, trustworthy, honest communication. When speaking, we must win the respect and trust from customers and colleagues in good faith and integrity.

4 Encourage and support each other, set common goals and work together, encourage constructive criticism and debate, share the fruits and responsibilities.

5 Keep smiling and caring, stick to happy work and bring happiness to everyone around you, happy work and growth.

6 We not only share interests, share results, share experiences, but also have fun.