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BOROA brand is one of Top 10 Brand Honor & Award in 2017!
Original cloud server

Cloud server-specific intelligent remote control, intelligent feature upgrades, intelligent statistics information, intelligent on-line diagnosis, intelligent customized products actual parameters, intelligent anti authenticity.
  The original high-frequency electronic scale device

BOROA poor water quality based on the Chinese mainland, impurities, high hardness characteristics, exclusive use of high-frequency electromagnetic scale Boroa Group invention patent (Patent No. CN02248554.6) technology to effectively prevent the boiler water system Junction scale phenomenon
Intelligent frequency temperature control

BOROA intelligent boiler operation by the United States AVR dual-core chips, stepless adjustment gas valve, combined with Honeywell temperature sensor for precise control of temperature and greenhouse, so the temperature of your heating and hot water temperature is always in a comfortable state, and accurate within ± 0.5 ° C in
  Unique anti-wind structure

BOROA intelligent boiler unique patented (hoods, fans, pressure switches, etc.) structure design, full account of the airborne particles (sand, etc.) on the erosion and destruction of boiler components, which makes the service life extended by three year or more
Unique intelligent wireless thermostat

BOROA optional boiler can Bonuo An wireless smart thermostat, two-way conversation with the machine control room temperature, the machine quickly adjust room temperature according to your needs
  Quiet operation

BOROA only noise circulating pump and quiet fans make noise to keep the machine running at 45 decibels, quiet operation

Wide voltage operation

BOROA boiler in ~ 180V-- ~ voltage 250V's recommendation to work to overcome the voltage variation in the use of environmental problems - - electronic control technology is the industry-leading products Boroa important advantages
  Pressure frequency correction

When the barometric pressure changes, Boroa electronic control system may be issued in accordance with the temperature set to the gas supply system commands, automatic correction of gas flow, intelligent control of combustion systems, ensure that the machine is reasonable run