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BOROA brand is one of Top 10 Brand Honor & Award in 2017!

1The concept of talents: "humanized management, platform building, self actualization".

Combining the distinctive characteristics of the contemporary labor market people, we should pay attention to the humanized management of the employees, meet the achievement self, realize the work value, build the platform for the realization of the work, establish the educational base of the reserve talents, stimulate the vitality of the talents, and help the staff to improve and perfect themselves by the steps of the ladder of battle, tactics and strategy.

2. Transform the will of professional managers and innovative professional spirit into the purpose and style of the company, which can be transferred to the management team of the company clearly and systematically and operate standardized by the professional management. We should improve the company's organizational structure, business process construction and management institutionalization.

3. Establish the model of talent echelon, achieve special, precise and deep technical field, pursue excellence in the field of management, gradually clear self cognition, pursue self transcendence and improve personal career planning.

4. Employees grow together with the company, share together, share shares, carry out equity incentive, make strategic managers participate in corporate decision-making management, closely link employees' interests with corporate interests, build a community of interests, fully and effectively give full play to employees' enthusiasm and creativity, and reward talents through company appreciation. Contribution made by the development of industry