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Hanging wall furnace energy saving method, open and collected.

2018-04-02 14:49:20 Category:Industry information Visits

【Introduction】Although the wall hanging furnace heating is a more energy-saving way of heating, but the energy saving method is still the focus of many users. Today, BOROA will tell you how to save money on the wall of the wall.

It is said that the winter in the south is not particularly cold, so in the past, in the past, the way to warm the south in the winter is basically to shake, and it can be said to be miserable. And now, with the improvement of people's living standards, all kinds of heating equipment are becoming popular, and the wall hanging furnace heating is the most popular way of heating. . Although the wall hanging furnace heating is a more energy-saving way of heating, but the energy saving method is still the focus of many users, today BOROA will tell you how to save money on the wall.

1. The installation of gas wall furnace with high thermal efficiency

Gas wall hung furnace provides heat source, so efficient boiler is the basic element of energy utilization and the first element of energy conservation and emission reduction. At present, there are basically two kinds of gas wall hung Furnaces: one is ordinary atmospheric combustion, and the other is 90% of heat efficiency. The combustion efficiency of the combustion mode is higher than that of the partial load under full load. The other is condensing full premixed combustion, with a thermal efficiency of 110% (low calorific value). The thermal efficiency of the cryogenic system is higher than that of the high temperature system. Therefore, the low temperature floor heating system is equipped with condensers, and its energy saving effect is more significant.

Two, reasonable adjustment of the temperature of the equipment

Some users like to set the temperature of the device very high. In fact, it is not scientific. Not only energy consumption and high temperature, but also the problem of dry mouth and so on. When heating, we suggest that the hot water temperature can be adjusted to 45 degrees C, the indoor temperature can reach 18 degrees centigrade, the body sense is most comfortable and the most energy saving. When using the radiator, we can start the water temperature to 70 degrees C, and the room temperature will rise above 20 C in a small time. At this time, we can adjust the hot water temperature to 55~60 C and keep the room temperature. It's not the same, but it's more energy saving.

Three. Do not overturn the switch off

When working in the daytime or at home, it is not suitable to shut down the wall hanging furnace and adjust the temperature profile to the lowest level. Many office workers turn off the boiler when they are unmanned at home, and then turn the boiler to high grade and rapid heating after work. This practice is very unscientific. Because this is equal to everything from the beginning, because the temperature difference between room temperature and boiler setting temperature is bigger, the boiler needs time fire running, not only can not reach energy saving, but it will waste gas more and increase the time of the residents to be frozen, and there is the danger of the boiler or radiator being frozen. If the total area of family heating is large and some rooms are used less, it can turn off the radiator valve or reduce the floor heating temperature.

Four, it is best to do well the insulation property of the house

First of all, the insulation performance of the house is the most important. If the heat insulation of the house is not good, the indoor heat is lost to the outdoor by heat convection, and the cold air in the outdoor is flowing into the room. The wall hanging boiler is heated continuously, and the gas consumption is very natural. If you put double glazing on the windows, and then put thick curtains on the doors and windows, you can save 25%-30% energy.

Five. Install a matching thermostat

Now many families use the diversity water device to control the temperature, although this can also control the indoor temperature, but no thermostat energy saving, so it is suggested that the user install the thermostat. According to statistics, the use of indoor temperature controller can save 20 to 28% of the gas cost, and also achieve the purpose of personalized temperature regulation and energy saving.

Six, regular cleaning and maintenance of the equipment

When the wall hanging furnace is used for a long time, it will produce scale, and the accumulation of scale will affect the thermal efficiency and life of the wall hanging furnace, and increase the natural gas required for the heating of the room temperature. So after a period of time, it is necessary to remove the scale and maintenance of the household wall hanging furnace, and the cleaning of the wall hanging furnace needs professional maintenance personnel. Conduct。 The cleaning method generally uses the external cleaning equipment to recycle the heat exchanger and pipeline inside the boiler, and the chemical reaction of the impurity and scale inside the boiler can be used to achieve the purpose of cleaning by the effect of the effect of the water on the internal impurities and the scale in the boiler.

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