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Is it really cold in the south in winter? That's probably not the way to get warm!

2018-04-02 15:25:43 Category:Industry information Visits

【Introduction】Look, the northerners are more afraid of the cold than the southerners.

Let's see, the northerners are more afraid of the cold than the southerners.

We have heat at home, and we go out with big cotton padded jacket. Someone really wants to say that it's frozen in fact. After all, it's all right to add to the winter coat and down clothes.

Buddy and the south the frost resistance grade is relatively high, no heating is not what the house is not wet wet...

It is necessary for most people to lose the cold resistant northerners in the south, so it is very necessary for this kind of people to get warm in winter. Since there is no heating, what else can we choose to get warm? Let's look at it.

Air conditioning heating

Every household is basically air-conditioned, the greatest advantage of using air conditioning is to be convenient and simple. As long as the heating mode is opened, the temperature of the room can be raised rapidly, and the time and precision of temperature control can be carried out, and it is more flexible than other heating methods. The problem is that the room is too large to use air conditioning to warm the room, it is difficult to reduce the temperature in the house, and the high electricity and cold heat uneven temperature may make the body feel uncomfortable.

Wall hanging furnace

The wall hanging furnace is a kind of household equipment with gas as the main energy, providing warm and comfortable home heating and living water. It can connect heat dissipation system, such as heat sink, ground heating and fan coil. Wall hanging furnace heating has a very strong central heating function, can meet the needs of multi room heating, different rooms can set comfortable temperature according to their own needs, and can also decide a room to close heating according to the needs, and can provide large flow and constant temperature hot water for family bathing, kitchen, and so on. Use of the place. At the same time, it can also connect the indoor temperature controller to achieve the purpose of personalized temperature regulation and energy saving.

Electric heater heating

Electric heating, electric blanket and other electric heating methods are more targeted. When people move in the living room or bedroom, they can always follow. But this way of heating is too direct, which is close to the human body and has large power consumption. Therefore, attention should be paid to safety, environmental protection and energy conservation.

Electric heating oil heater, also known as oil heater, is a popular and safe space heater at present. The biggest characteristic of the electric heating oil heater is that the heat emitted by it is large, no harmful gas is produced and no running noise is produced. The surface temperature of the oil heater is less than 85 degrees. Even if it touches the human body, it will not cause burns. It is especially suitable for families with older children.

Heating heating

Electric heating will allow the outer surface to allow the upper limit of the working temperature to be 65 degrees centigrade, buried in the floor, heating the cable as the heat source to heat the floor, the temperature control device to control the indoor temperature or floor temperature, to realize the heating mode of ground radiant heating. Electric heating: with a variety of product styles, in addition to the slow heating speed of the cable, other types of heating are faster, generally within 1 hours, part of the heating in half an hour. The speed of heating is faster than that of warm water.

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