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What is a reasonable investment in health? Here we are.

2018-04-02 15:36:58 Category:Industry information Visits

【Introduction】Whether in the South or in the north, winter heating is an essential way of life, but compared with the north, the South may not pay so much attention to the heating.

Whether in the South or in the north, winter heating is an essential way of life, but compared with the north, the South may not pay so much attention to the heating. In the south, air conditioning is generally used when heating, which is a very common way, but there are many shortcomings in the air conditioning heating. Long time use of air conditioning will lead to abnormal drying of the room, and the users feel comfortable. So, is there a healthier and more comfortable heating way to replace the air conditioning heating? The answer is the answer. Now, with the emergence of the heating, many families have opened the comfortable and warm life of "warm and cool".

Love watching Korean friends may have found the story often see one family sat on the floor, sleeping on the floor. Is it really cold for them in winter? NONONO, Boone Ann hanger tells you that they are not afraid of cold.

It is not a kind of consumption, but a kind of investment for the health of the family. Because the ground heating is the heat of the whole ground, the temperature is uniform, and it gradually decreases from the bottom to the top. It is in line with the health theory of "warm and cool top" of Chinese medicine, and makes people feel very comfortable.

"Cold feet" is harmful to the human body?

The organs of the human body can maintain normal function only under the condition of 36-37 degrees Celsius. In order not to lose the heat of the human body, the blood vessels of the hands and feet must shrink to keep the temperature. If the sole of the foot is in a cold state every day, it often causes the blood vessels to shrink, thereby increasing the burden of the heart, causing the blood to be obstructed, causing the blood pressure to rise, the blood circulation is not smooth, and the water metabolism is unbalance.

1. The investment of the old people in the old age of the old people


The elderly are common in the old cold legs, rheumatism of cold damp is the most taboo. Good warm can alleviate these problems, it should be "not cold feet warm-up" saying.


People are old, and the resistance is poor. Heating in the way of floor heating is very clean, and no harmful germs are produced.

Be quiet

The old man is quiet and clean when he works. When the rest of the old people are resting, they can easily calm down.

2. The investment in children's childhood in the heat of the ground

Don't worry

Children like the scrambling scrambling on the ground, and children will play when they are warm.


Children have poor resistance and tender skin. The ground heating keeps the ground dry and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and mites. Children will not always get sick or itch.

3. The health investment of the young people in the ground heating

Circulation promoting

You may not know that if the circulation of the foot is good, the heart doesn't need extra pressure to put pressure on the blood to the end of the foot. It can reduce high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, and it can reduce the high risk of hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

Warm whole body

Heat spreads from the bottom of the foot to the whole body, showing the concept of "warm and cool" in traditional Chinese medicine. Medical clinical trials have proved that the elimination or mitigation of cardiovascular disease, lumbago and leg pain, rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylosis, gastroenteropathy and gynecologic disease are effective. So, the feet warm the body to be healthier!

In recent years, floor heating is slowly replacing traditional heat sink and air conditioner, becoming the first choice for winter heating. In the process of heating, people feel more comfortable and have health care for the human body. It is beneficial to the health of the human body and improve the quality of home. It has become a recognized way of comfort heating.

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