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Who is the chief culprit of the wall hanging stove?

2018-04-02 15:40:16 Category:Industry information Visits

【Introduction】Whether a friend who uses a gas wall hanging stove has encountered such a problem, the sound of a good wall hanger in the use of a sound, and the noise from time to time, although the noise does not cause too much impact on our life...

If a friend who uses a gas wall hanging stove has encountered such a problem, the sound of a good wall hanging stove suddenly appears and makes a sound, although the noise does not affect our life too much. But when you want to calm down and do something, the noise will suddenly become clear and upset you.

The noise of the wall hanger has many different noise sources, and it is the sound effect formed by the combination of different frequencies, different intensities, regular or irregular sounds. Today, Bonuoan Xiaobian to explain the reason of boiler noise and corresponding measures.

Reason 1: gas wall hanging furnace installation is not standardized.

If the hook of the fixed wall hanging furnace is not reliable, the wall hanger and wall face are not close enough, which will cause the resonance of the inner fan in the wall hanging furnace with the shell, and the noise of the wall hanger will become more and more large after a long time.

The solution:

Reinforcing the hook of the wall hanging furnace to correct the unreasonable installation.

Cause two: gas wall hanging stove fan dust or failure.

The gas wall hung furnace is used for a long time, and the dust and impurities on the fan blades affect the fan rotation balance, causing mechanical noise. Of course, fan noise may also be the loosening of the fixed screw or the eccentric of the fan shaft.

The solution:

After cleaning fan blades, fastening screws to eliminate machine vibration caused by unbalanced fan operation. If the shaft is eccentric, the new fan should be replaced.

We need to contact the after-sale personnel for door-to-door maintenance, and do not suggest that you do it yourself.

Cause three: there is a foreign object or a fault in the pump

Solid particles and impurities in the pipes of the heating system can penetrate into every water area of the pump, causing the noise of the pump to increase. Besides, the rupture of pump impeller will also cause noise.

The solution:

Install a smaller filter in the backwater port of the hanging wall furnace, and regularly clean up the foreign bodies of the pump. If the impeller is broken, it is necessary to replace the new pump.

Cause four: nozzle ash accumulation of gas wall hanging furnace

Gas from the nozzle out of the high speed jet, because the nozzle ash, the speed of exportation speed, and the surrounding air between the strong disturbance and momentum, mass exchange and formation of noise.

The solution:

Contact the after-sales personnel, clean up the nozzle and gas filter.

Cause five: gas pressure is unstable

When the gas wall hanging furnace is unstable combustion, the flame will frequently shake off the flame, causing the oscillation and amplification of the combustion pressure wave in the water tank, resulting in the resonance noise.

The solution:

Contact the Gas Co and check the pressure on the door. If there is no problem, please contact the manufacturer after sale, let the technician repair.

Cause six: poor water quality or accumulation of gas

The gas or water quality of the heating pipeline is not good, and the water heating noise will happen when it is heated to a higher temperature in the combustion heat exchanger.

The solution:

Clean up the filter screen, replace the rotor and the current limiting ring of the water valve (or directly replace the water valve), start and discharge the internal gas of the water path many times.

To eliminate so many possible sources of noise, the key is to improve the accuracy of the fan assembly, the design and processing of the nozzle, the configuration of the trachea and so on. So if we want to reduce the probability of noise, we should choose a reliable hanging stove.

The wall hung Stove produced by Boone, the core component of European import, runs with super low noise, stable and quiet. The temperature of a week should be mastered before it can bring the beauty and comfort of the hanging wall furnace running intelligently.

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