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Two quarter is coming, BOROA website reversion! Teach you how to choose the satisfied hanging wall stove.

2018-04-02 15:49:20 Category:Industry information Visits

【Introduction】Two quarter is coming, BOROA website reversion! Teach you how to choose the satisfied hanging wall stove.

It's better to buy a wall hanging stove than a cool autumn day.

The double festival is coming, the brand merchants are catching the heat of the double festival, and have launched a variety of preferential activities, so that consumers are dazzled, I do not know how to choose and buy. Today, Xiaobian Xiaobian has brought a wave of knowledge and benefits to choose and buy stove, which is enough to kill salesmen.

How to choose a cost-effective wall hanging stove? You can pay attention to the following points.

One, the choice of control system

A good control system is an effective guarantee for the normal and safe combustion of the equipment, and is of great significance to the detection, maintenance, daily operation and fault analysis. Because the self inspection, safety protection, ignition operation and working condition change of the hanging wall furnace are mostly controlled by the controller.

Two, the reliability of the quality of famous brands

The quality of the whole machine depends on the quality of its main parts and parts. The main parts and components are best to choose the famous brand and quality products, so as to ensure the quality and performance of the whole machine, the price is slightly higher.

Three. Security protection function

Security issues have been involved in thousands of families, at present, the wall hanging furnace in the security problems are compared, the safety protection function is not the more the better, but some of the most basic must not be less.

Four, the matching of output power

The output power of the furnace is generally considered according to the factors such as the room area, the area, the indoor design temperature, the insulation condition of the windows and windows, and the user needs. In addition, it is related to the energy consumption. According to the law of conservation of energy, if the room is to reach a certain comfort temperature, it is necessary to add the corresponding heat to the room, and it must be at the cost of the consumption of the corresponding gas. According to the actual usage of users, we must take some measures to save energy.

After calculating the 1kW furnace can provide 10 heating area of heat energy, the wall heater will have a part of heat loss in the process of providing heat. In order to achieve indoor thermal efficiency and provide comfortable indoor temperature, the general suggestion is to choose according to the power formula (power = applicable area /10+8).

Five. Product inspection

Because the wall hanging furnace is a gas product, the product inspection must be strict. The manufacturer must have the relevant quality assurance of the product and check by the relevant departments of the state. In addition, each machine must be burned at the site, after testing 100% qualified to go to the factory, the test is absolutely not allowed, because 99% of the product qualification rate, representing a user to buy is 100% unqualified products.

Six, the price is high and low

According to the configuration of parts, it is a good choice to determine the price of machines. If the quality of imported parts in Europe is good, the price will be higher, generally around 5000~10000 yuan, which has good performance in all aspects, low failure rate, and safety guarantee.

Seven. After sale service

See if the service is guaranteed. The life of the furnace is generally 8~10 years. If there is no good service guarantee, the consequences will be unthinkable. HVAC not only has professional pre technical support, design team, but also has strong after-sales service and housekeepers follow-up services.

As a mature household heating equipment, the wall hanging furnace has a history of many years in Europe, the production technology of the machine has also been very mature; it has also gone through ten years in China, and has made vigorous development. At present, the independent heating equipment mainly relying on wall hung stove is gradually opening up in China. Through the above analysis, everyone should have a certain understanding. The above knowledge is enough to resist the salesmen's sugar coated bullets, so that users can choose carefully to suit their satisfactory products.

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