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Variable-frequency classic intelligent wall hung gas boiler D

Variable-frequency classic intelligent wall hung gas boiler D

D series

Heat transfer type: casing / plate exchange

Optional power: 20/26/32/36/40KW

Product features:

High efficiency and energy saving:

The fin structure of heat exchanger increases the spoiler structure to reduce the blind area of heat transfer, and the thermal efficiency is over 92%.

Safe and reliable:

The frequency control technology is used to completely eliminate the failure of the wind switch, 160V~280V wide voltage design and more than 30 protective measures to ensure safe operation under any environmental conditions.

Low noise design:

Low noise design, frequency conversion casting aluminum fan, intelligent control system, running noise is less than 42 dB.

Easy maintenance:

The original modular design, assembly and disassembly is simple, fault memory function, convenient for the rapid diagnosis of after sales personnel.

Patent technology:

With multiple invention patents, VVVF technology and low nitrogen combustion patented technology.

Intelligent control:

The original heating and bathroom power is automatically regulated within the maximum range of 25%~100%, improving the control accuracy of domestic hot water, and completely eliminating the overheating phenomenon of hot water in summer.

Craftsman spirit:

Imported die stretch, LCD screen display, high-end atmosphere.

Product parameters:

Heating rated heat load(KW)2026323640
Rated output power(KW)18.42429.333.036.8
Rated thermal efficiency(%)9292929292
Reference area for heating(㎡)70-120100-160160-260200-300250-360
Nominal hot water rate(△t=30K)(kg/min)8.311.013.515.516.0
Rated electric power(W)105105120120120
NOX level(/)44444

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