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Mini economy intelligent wall hung gas boiler ECO

Mini economy intelligent wall hung gas boiler ECO

ECO series

Heat transfer type: casing / plate exchange

Optional power: 20/26/32 KW

Product features:

High efficiency and environmental protection:

Heat exchanger fins increase disturbance flow structure, reduce heat transfer blind area, heat exchanger patent design (ZL 2016201481128.9), heat efficiency up to 92%; ultra low nitrogen oxide design, green environmental protection.

Safe and reliable:

The temperature gradient control function and the three anti freezing control are unique, and the safety protection is up to 28. The design life of the whole machine is more than 15 years.

Low noise design:

Low noise design, using cast aluminum fan, intelligent control gas proportional valve, with special combustion and water system, running noise is less than 42 dB.

Easy maintenance:

The original modular design, assembly and disassembly is simple, fault memory function, convenient for the rapid diagnosis of after sales personnel.

Patent technology:

The invention patent high-frequency electronic anti scaling device and the original windbreak and sand structure design are committed to manufacturing gas wall hanging stove products suitable for our conditions.

Craftsman spirit:

The imported mold is stretched, the mounting is flexible, the audio level encoder operates, the LED digit + multi LED state indication is concise and intuitive.

Product parameters:

Heating rated heat load(KW)202632
Rated output power(KW)182429.3
Rated thermal efficiency(%)929292
Reference area for heating(㎡)70-120100-160160-260
Nominal hot water rate(△t=30K)(kg/min)8.311.013.5
Rated electric power(W)120120120
NOX level (/)444

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